If you want to watch Netflix outside of the USA, you’re going to have to bypass their geo-blocking technology that tracks your location and prevents you from getting access to the full library of content. The best way to break through the Netflix geo-blocking technology is by connecting to the service through a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A VPN will allow you to trick Netflix’s servers into thinking you’re based in the United States, even when abroad. To gain access to Netflix’s full content library when you’re outside of the USA, get Buffered VPN now.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Netflix Outside The USA?

One of the biggest complaints people have about Netflix’s streaming service is that they’re not able to access the entire content library when they’re located outside of the United States. If you live outside of the USA, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network to change your IP address, and trick Netflix into thinking that you’re actually streaming from inside the USA. Just to give you an example, a report by the website UnblockUs recently showed that people watching Netflix inside the USA are able to access nearly 7,000 movies and TV shows, while viewers outside of the USA have their access cut down to only 1,900 titles.

Why does Netflix do this?

One of the biggest reasons that Netflix limits the amount of content that’s available to their members outside of the United States is the outdated content copyright laws that allows the content to be shown in the country that it was created in. If another country wants to display this same content they’re going to have to pay large amounts of money to purchase the rights to the show or movie from the original creator.
This is why using a VPN is critical when you aren’t currently in the US. It helps you get past the copyright and geo-blocking restrictions so that you can access content from other countries.
For example, if you’re currently in Sydney, Australia, you can turn on your VPN service, set your location to a server in Los Angeles, USA, and then start enjoying all of the shows that would normally be blocked because you’re currently located in Sydney. Some countries have completely blocked access to the Netflix service. If you’re located in China, North Korea, Syria, or Crimea, for instance, you’re going to need to use a VPN to both register your account, and access the content on your account.

A bit of information about the Netflix Block Update…

Netflix recently announced that they were going to begin cracking down on people using proxies and VPN services. In our opinion, this is simply a ploy to keep the Hollywood big wigs and the people that make TV shows and movies happy. There are many articles that dive into the topic in-depth and show you how it’s actually impossible for Netflix to block VPN users. Netflix’s Chief Product Officer even said, “It’s like playing a cat and mouse game since the intent of the VPN service is to hide its source, which makes it even harder to stop VPN users.” At Secure Thoughts we have a few theories on why this is happening.
Netflix is a large corporation that is owned by shareholders. This means that they would essentially be limiting access to 20% of their user base, cutting their revenue by 20%. Shareholders wouldn’t be happy about losing 20% of their money. It’s a constant balancing act for them: keeping their shareholders happy, while also keeping Hollywood producers happy. Shareholders are usually going to get priority in any corporation, and Netflix is really no exception. Even though Netflix recently enabled access to the entire world, your location could still prevent you from gaining access to the same library of shows and movies that USA-based subscribers have access to. So far our recommended Buffered VPN solution still works to help subscribers outside of the USA access the full content library. If something should happen and Netflix figures out that you’re using a VPN, contact Buffered VPN and they’ll get it fixed for you.

You can learn which VPN providers we recommend now by reading on below.

VPN Software Testing Methodology

How we tested our top VPNs for watching Netflix

When it comes to testing which VPN services are best, we look at a few different areas to make my determination. To start testing them, we built a list of every VPN service that claims to be reliable and helps their subscribers with the geo-blocking restrictions that Netflix applies to accounts. This left us with a list of nine different VPN services. We then ran each service through six rating criteria to determine whether or not the providers actually stand up to their claims, and whether or not they can be recommended to our readers.

How We Judged Their Performance

Criteria #1: Number of Active Connections
When you intend to use multiple devices to connect to your VPN at the same time, you’ll need a service that allows you to have multiple active connections. Our recommendations will allow you to connect with multiple devices.

Criteria #2: Money-back Guarantee
If the VPN provider you’re going with offers you a money-back guarantee, you can be confident that they’re going to stand behind the service they’re providing you. To make sure that our recommendations are safe for you to use, we made sure that each provider offers a money-back guarantee. We also looked into how long the guarantee lasts, and that the services are going to offer a guarantee on both technical problems as well as customer service issues.

Criteria #3: Potential For Data Logging?
Data logging is a common practice performed by your internet service provider, where they track how you’re using the internet when you’re connected. A few VPN services have adopted this strategy which puts you at risk. To ensure a VPN provider is actually worthy of being recommended to our readers, we also determined whether or not they were logging how you were using the service. The last thing you’re going to want a service doing is tracking how you’re using it, especially when you’re trying to protect your connection and keep it secure from prying eyes. To help alleviate your fears of being watched and ensure that your connection is not being logged, the VPNs that we recommend will not log your data and how you’re using the connection.

Criteria #4: How Much Bandwidth Is Provided?
The amount of bandwidth you have available determines how often, and for how long, you’re able to use the service. If there is a limit on your available bandwidth you might find yourself running out halfway through the month, and then facing a high fee because you need more. While deciding on the best VPNs to watch Netflix outside of the USA, we looked at the total amount of bandwidth each provider gives their users, and then ranked providers that offer unlimited bandwidth higher on the list.

Criteria #5: Do They Support Their Customers?
As with any technology, there could be times that you’re going to need help when you’re using a VPN. You could find yourself having technical problems or billing issues that can’t be solved on your own.
The fifth criteria we used to grade VPN services is the level of customer service that they have available, how quick they’re able to help solve problems, and how well they’re able to communicate the solutions to you.

Criteria #6: Is The Connection Fast?
The final criteria we used to grade VPN services is the speed that they offer to their users. Most VPN providers will give you ample bandwidth, but if the connection is too slow you’ll end up frustrated and unable to use the bandwidth they’ve given you. While looking through nine different providers, we verified their ping times, download and upload speeds, and then made a judgment call after the numbers were averaged out.

Best VPNs to Watch Netflix Outside The USA

Now we’re getting to the important part. The reason we created the article for you is to show you how to find the best VPN providers to help you watch Netflix when you’re not located within the United States. We also wanted you to understand how we came to our conclusion and ranked the three top VPNs.
Of the original nine that we began reviewing, below are the three that made their way to the top of the list.

#1 – Buffered VPN – 9.6 / 10 – The Best VPN For Watching Netflix Outside The USA.

Buffered VPN is our #1 choice for connecting to Netflix when you’re outside of the United States. They have an amazing server network inside of the US with servers located up and down both the east and west coasts. With an easy signup process and simple-to-install software, you can be connected to Netflix within 10 minutes of creating your account on Buffered VPN. Better than the signup and setup process is their level of customer service. Whenever we have tested their customer support team we have gotten a response in an average of 11 minutes. That’s unheard of with most other VPN providers. Buffered VPN gives you more than 43,000 IP addresses to choose from, meaning that your speeds will be dramatically quicker than other providers we have tested that force you to share IP addresses with hundreds of users. During our testing, we didn’t have any issues connecting to the service or viewing the full content library on Netflix. If you’re looking for the absolute best VPN to connect to Netflix when you’re outside of the United States, you can get a Buffered VPN account by clicking here.

#2 – IPVanish – 7 / 10 – A Step Behind Buffered VPN

If you’re in a part of the world that doesn’t give you access to Buffered VPN, IPVanish is another great choice. While IPVanish doesn’t necessarily have all of the perks of Buffered VPN, they are still a great deal for your money. IPVanish provides you with a very fast connection that may not be as quick as Buffered VPN but is still more than enough to help you connect to Netflix and stream movies and TV shows without interruptions. IPVanish also gives you great security with 256-bit encryption that’s available on all of their service plans. The signup and setup process is easy to complete which means you’ll be up and running within a few minutes after creating an account. Customer service is the one area where IPVanish falls behind Buffered VPN. While their customer support is amazing, you may find longer wait times than you will through Buffered VPN. IPVanish also offers a money-back guarantee, so if you should have problems with the service, you won’t be out any of your money and will be able to go through another provider to connect to Netflix. If Buffered VPN isn’t available, you can create an account with IPVanish by clicking here.

#3 – Hide My Ass VPN – 5 / 10 – If Buffered VPN and IPVanish Aren’t Available, Hide My Ass Is An OK Choice.

One of the biggest factors we used to determine the quality of a VPN to use for Netflix was the quality of the servers that the provider had inside of the United States. Hide My Ass met the requirement by providing a large list of servers located in the United States but failed to deliver on the speeds required to stream Netflix uninterrupted. We had high expectations for Hide My Ass because they touted their network speed as one of their biggest selling points. While it was sufficient for viewing Netflix, it wasn’t nearly as fast as Buffered VPN or IPVanish. The software installation process was more involved than Buffered VPN and IPVanish which could lead to problems for beginners trying to get connected and diagnose any issues they may have. If you do have issues, the customer support through Hide My Ass is less than stellar. Even though they claim to have customer support available 24/7, you may find yourself dealing with excessive wait times when you put in a ticket. The connection was spotty at best, which usually meant I would have to reconnect after a few minutes while watching a movie or show. If you can’t get an account with Buffered VPN or IPVanish, you can create an account through Hide My Ass by clicking here.



If you live outside of the United States or are going to be traveling overseas, connecting to Netflix through a VPN service is highly recommended. Gaining access to the same large content library that US based subscribers have access to opens up the amount of shows and movies you can watch. United States based users have nearly 7,000 titles while foreign-based subscribers could be limited to as few as 1,900 titles.

Buffered VPN gave us the best connection and had the highest level of customer service out of all nine VPN providers that were put through the testing process. We were able to easily connect to Netflix and watch shows without dealing with constant interruptions. If you want to gain access to Netflix’s full content library while you’re outside of the United States, you can create a Buffered VPN account by clicking here.

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