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Table of Contents
Part I. Comprehensive Approach

  1. Protection and Empowerment
  2. Educational Purpose
  3. Education about Safe and Responsible Use
  4. Internet Use Policy
  5. Supervision, Monitoring, and Appropriate Discipline
  6. Planning and Implementation

Part II. Safe and Responsible Internet Use Plan

  1. Children’s Internet Protection Act
  2. Inappropriate Material
  3. Technology Protection Measures
  4. Safety and Security of Students When Using Electronic Communications
  5. Unauthorized Access and Other Unlawful or Inappropriate Activities
  6. Disclosure of Personal Information of Students
  7. Supervision, Monitoring, and Privacy

Part III. Legal Issues - Internet Use in School

  1. District Liability Related to Access to Inappropriate Material or People
  2. District Liability for Material Placed on Web Site of Transmitted Through System
  3. District Liability to Students and Other Liability Concerns
  4. Student and Staff Privacy Issues
  5. Public Records
  6. The Constitutionality and Advisability of the Use of Commercial Filtering Software
    in U.S. Public Schools
  7. Student Speech
  8. Academic Freedom
  9. Copyright
  10. Disability Information Technology Access

Part IV. Planning and Implementation Documents

  1. Checklist for the Development of a Comprehensive Safe and Responsible Internet
    Use Plan
  2. Internet Safe and Responsible Use Plan (document to provide parents and
  3. District Internet Use Policy
  4. District Internet Use Regulations
  5. Student Internet Use Policy
  6. Student Internet Account Agreement



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