About Us


CyberBully.org was started to act as a guide for bewildered parents and frustrated kids (and adults alike) facing the challenges of interacting in an online world. As the playground has moved into the digital world, new social obstacles have presented themselves – it’s our mission to help you overcome them.

Here at CyberBully.org, we want to empower and educate people on how they can prevent cyber bullying and protect their kids from the lasting effects of these unpleasant situations. We’re firm believers in confidence building and conflict resolution, and we’ll give you the tools and advice to help your child move past these difficult times, as well as learn to handle conflicts on their own.

In the end, it’s important to remember that cyber bullying is ultimately a relationship problem – not a technological one. We encourage parents to not let these problems get in the way of their children experiencing the numerous benefits of being connected to the vast library of information that is the internet, and instead help them work towards healthy, symbiotic relationships with their peers.

A lot gets lost in translation, and it can be difficult to discern tone and intent in an online conversation. We’re all too aware of the widespread overuse of the term “cyber bullying”, and that flagrant overuse has diluted the true nature of the problem. It’s important to remember that this isn’t an epidemic by any stretch, but rather, new territory that your kids may wind up facing in their social interactions.

In the end, we believe it all comes down to having a great relationship with our kids, and being able to communicate openly and honestly. Fighting cyber bullying is about more than just dealing with these problems on a case by case basis. Here you’ll find articles to help build your kids up, boost their confidence, and give them the tools and support they need to survive in today’s changing social climate.